Celebrating 145 Years of the Famous Trick Donkeys

This year 2016 The Sam Loyd Company is celebrating 145 years since Sam Loyd

First published his most popular puzzle card the Famous Trick Donkeys.

To commemorative this event we have a released a limited edition collectors card that is available alongside all our other cards.

Grab yours today and help us celebrate 145 years of the Famous Trick Donkeys.

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History of the Famous Trick Donkeys

The Sam Loyd Company

Whenever Sam Loyd was asked what puzzle card he made most of his money from he always answered the Famous Trick Donkeys.

He claimed that if took him  only 15 minutes to create and the first lot he drew and published himself for less than five dollars.

P.T. Barnum paid Sam Loyd $10,000 for the naming rights and would distribute millions promoting his traveling shows however he would become frustrated often forgetting the solution.

He would every now and then drop into Sam Loyd's office and say, "Hang it all, Sam, show me how to do my puzzle. I've forgotten again."

It ended up selling over 1000,000,000 during his lifetime and continues today as a challenging and fun puzzle. The best part is solving it yourself. 

Help us celebrate 145 years since the puzzle was first published with your own commemorative edition card.

Original Drawing of the Famous Trick Donkeys

First Version of the Famous Trick Donkeys

Commemorative version of the Famous Trick Donkeys

Videos of the Famous Trick Donkeys

Enjoy our videos celebrating 145 years of the Famous Trick Donkeys. They include the history, funny solutions and how its recognised as global puzzle icon

Famous Trick Donkeys Celebrating 145 Years

We have received some interesting solutions to the Famous Trick Donkeys over the years here are a few.

Famous Trick Donkeys - the creation of an icon

Enjoy the process of how Sam Loyd created the Famous Trick Donkeys.

International Famous Trick Donkeys Editions

Our goal is to make the Famous Trick Donkeys available in every written language in the world. Here is what we have so far so get yours today.

Personalized Famous Trick Donkeys

The Sam Loyd Company

Now available!

Advertise your company, birthday, event or anything else on the back of our world Famous Trick Donkeys card. Your clients, friends and family will love them.

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